Who we are


We are a network of teachers and schools that specialize in teaching languages to children.

We are present in Italy, Germany, Holland, Romania, Bulgaria and Canada.
In Verona (Italy) there is the Abrakadabra Competence Center: a real didactic laboratory where the techniques are experimented and the teaching method is refined and then used by the whole network.
We teach while having fun and enjoying ourselves, because we know that the pleasure of learning is the only way to learn and consolidate what has been learned.
Language learning is one of the goals, but it is not the only one: we want to help children grow up serene and happy in a historical moment where the present and the future are seen with great uncertainty (to learn more visit www.ilfuturodituofiglio.it).Our educational offer continues as the children grow, with proposals that are always engaging (to learn more visit www.wideacademy.it).

Our teachers

Our teachers are carefully selected, native speakers or fully bilingual, certified by our network for teaching children and experts in our method.

We take particular care in building a serene and solid relationship between the teacher and the children: for this reason we aim to have a single reference figure throughout the course, to ensure maximum continuity in the project.

Bring your child to the free trial lesson or to one of our workshops: you can meet our teachers.

Work with us!
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Abrakadabra's magic method

In a sentence: the Abrakadabra method is based on play.
With Abrakadabra, children play in the language they are learning.

In our groups there is no place for the artificial communication that is usually part of the traditional language lesson: we don't use the classic textbook, because we are too busy playing! And you can see the results: children learn quickly, through songs, group games, simple and fun activities that help them to naturally acquire the vocabulary and structures of a new language.

We know that children learn by doing, and the Abrakadabra method is flexible and full of hands-on suggestions.
Our approach embraces all of the child's senses, engaging them in play and new language automatically.
The method is currently available for learning English, French, German, Spanish and Italian (more languages coming soon!).
Early exposure to the sounds of a language facilitates lifelong learning. From the moment of birth, every child acquires the innate ability to learn a language. From its earliest moments, it is able to imitate all the sounds it hears. Then, with time, he will come to understand the meaning of words and finally he will be able to form sentences, until he has full mastery of the language. We insert ourselves in this process in the most natural way possible: these skills can also be used to learn first a second language and then others. The Abrakadabra method allows you to start already when your child is in kindergarten!
The Abrakadabra method was born and grew to be completely traditional: we draw, color, cut out, sing, dance, act, play, and move together. In recent years, in response to parental requests to be able to see what the children have learned, we have experimented with some digital technologies. In particular, the portal accessible to all those enrolled in an Abrakadabra course or workshop allows them to play on the web (with smartphones or tablets) with small videogames personalized for each child, which refer exactly to the words, situations and images used by the teacher. In this way it is possible to "continue at home" what was started in class.


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